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Online Ordering Back End for Bakeries Powered by Takeout Button®

Online Ordering Back End with Marketing and Analytics Tools for Restaurants and Bakeries Powered by Takeout Button® is intuitive and easy to use.
Being a small business owner, you have to wear so many hats. At Takeout Button®, one of the most popular hats that we often wear is a consultant. Our restaurant and eatery partners usually need help beyond the online ordering solution. It's not always about using the ordering system itself, but it's more about applying its features to get more customers. That's when marketing and promotions come to play. Knowing your customers is critical to understand what offers will appeal to them and convert them to place orders. We usually brainstorm with our partners to create strategies and promo codes to execute the plans. Some partners are more comfortable managing their own back end, and some might need a little hand-holding support. We are happy to assist them at their level.
Main Street Bakery NPR, our bakery partner in New Port Richey Florida, is an excellent example of a family-owned business willing to learn and handle everything independently. We were able to walk them thru all the online ordering back-end features and share many ideas. We are grateful for their kind reviews and glad to know that they have had a great experience working with us. To read the Main Street Bakery review and reviews of Takeout Button® by other restaurant partners, please visit takeoutbutton.com/testimonials.
To view Main Street Bakery’s online ordering and see our work, please visit order.mainstreetbakerynpr.com.
To learn more about Takeout Button® online ordering solutions and services for restaurants, catering businesses, or bakeries, please visit takeoutbutton.com.
Main Street Bakery NPR review of Takeout Button®

Takeout Button® Online Ordering System Debuted at More Italian

Takeout Button® Online Ordering System debuted at More Italian!

We know a great idea comes with great responsibility! At Takeout Button®, we realized we must have done something right when our very first client, More Italian Bistro & Pizzeria in Brandon Florida, is still with us since we launched our online ordering prototype in 2012! So, it always brings back many good memories whenever we have a chance to visit them and help with on-site maintenance.

Although under new ownership for a few years now, the food at More Italian is still delicious and prepared with the same secret family recipes of Mark Wentzel, a former owner. Our favorites are their NY-style pizza and The Italiano Sub. To see more of their mouthwatering menus, please visit order.moreitalianpizza.com.

To learn more about Takeout Button®'s ordering technology solution for restaurants, please visit Online Ordering for Restaurants.

Online Ordering System Debut


Takeout Button® Loves Turkish Coffee

It's true that Takeout Button® Loves Turkish Coffee; especially, at Mio's Grill and there is a good reason for it!

Next time you dine in at Mio's Grill & Cafe in downtown St. Petersburg Florida, order one for yourself. If the owner comes by your table, ask him to read your fortune from your empty cup! It's a tradition in Turkey. Many guests have told us his reading is quite accurate! When we are in his area, we always find ourselves grabbing a cup of Turkish coffee. 

Mio's Grill is an excellent example of a small mom & pop restaurant that maximizes the benefits of online ordering technology to survive during COVID despite being understaffed. To read more about their story, please visit the article - Understaffed Restaurants Added Online Ordering to their team

To see their authentic Turkish/Greek menu or order ahead online, please visit https://order.miosgrill.com.

To learn more about Takeout Button® online ordering solution for restaurants, please visit takeoutbutton.com.

Takeout Button® Loves Turkish Coffee at Mio's Grill St Pete

To view a video and see how skillful the owner is in swinging his tea without spilling it, please visit https://youtu.be/oREUYqIPpPk.

More Restaurants Expected To Offer Online Ordering

It has become a norm that nowadays, more people expect restaurants to offer online ordering. There are many 3rd party applications out there, but the best option is always to have your own ordering system. Takeout Button® can help! We provide technology solutions and can customize our online ordering features to match your restaurant’s branding and specific needs!
Our newest sushi partner, Sab Sushi, in downtown St Pete, now offers online ordering powered by Takeout Button®.
Check out their new ordering website at order.sabsushi.com. To learn more about our service, please visit takeoutbutton.com.
Sab Sushi offers online ordering

A Chocolatier - Local Celebrity Partner of Takeout Button®

When a Chocolatier Partner of Takeout Button®, Chocolate by Michelle, in New Port Richey Florida, contacted us after 10 pm one night that she would be on a TV show tomorrow with Gayle Guyardo of Bloom TV, we were thrilled to share the news with our audiences on the Internet and social media. You have to see to believe all the amazing things Michelle can do with her chocolate. 

It's obvious, Michelle is not just our partner, but a good friend of Takeout Button®. She has shared the wisdom she has learned in her 38 years of being in the chocolate business, some secrets to capturing the heart of customers using her chocolate. Michelle started her chocolate dream business in 1984 in New Port Richey, FL, by quitting smoking and saving her cigarette money $2 a day for four years. Her story has been told on numerous TV shows, including "Murphy In The Morning." Celebrities like Carson Kressley, Dan Clark, Preston Bailey, Darcey Miller, Wolfgang Puck, Joy Behar, Barbara Walters, Sylvia Weinstock have tasted her chocolate. If you stop by her shop at 8637 Little Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34654, Michelle can tell you stories of how she met with every single celebrity. Michelle has also won many awards in almost four decades in business. So it is safe to say that she is a local celebrity we are proud to know and work with. To learn more about Chocolate by Michelle and see her delicious selection, please visit chocolatesbymichelle.com.

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Chocolate By Michelle