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Build Family Meals ToGo Sales with Online Ordering

Building Family meals togo Sales has become a hot trend for many restaurants and caterers during this pandemic. The key is to offer an entire meal that maximizes sales as well as customer satisfaction and convenience.

With this in mind Michelle of Meals By Michelle, our dining out radio guests this week, has repurposed her 37+ year chocolate retail business (Chocolates By Michelle) in New Port Richey of Florida. She has started offering Italian family meals togo since mid March 2020 when the Coronavirus hit and slowed down her business.


Cooking puts her in a happy place” she said. She loves to cook and it’s her first love!


Michelle used to be a caterer and owned two restaurants in New York. She did all kinds of private parties in the people's homes prior to moving to Florida. 

Although she’s from the old school, Michelle realized that in this day and age many people turn to technology when ordering food. She decided to partner with Takeout Button® to create an online catering system for her family meals to go business.

One of the key benefits of having hew own online ordering is that all online orders are placed ahead with one day’s notice and prepaid in advance. She can avoid last minute rushing and secure the orders at the same time.


When in New Port Richey, don't miss a trip to the Meals By Michelle (located at the same address as Chocolates By Michelle, 8637 Little Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34654) and grab some homemade family meals togo while indulging in some truffles or chocolate covered popcorn or strawberries. Try her Manicotti, Escarole soup, and mean Shrimp Scampi. They are among many of her favorites and best-selling family meals.



Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/MichelleJul15.mp3.

To learn more about Meals by Michelle, please visit http://mealsbymichelle.com/.

To view her full menu, please visit https://order.mealsbymichelle.com/.

To get her latest updates and promotions, please like and follow her on Facebook.


Family Meals To Go by Michelle

Baked pasta and meatballs family meals to go by Michelle sampling family meals to go by Michelle radio interview family meals to go by Michelle


Online Food Ordering Technology Used to Pivot Catering Business

Online Food Ordering Technology undoubtedly can help caterers pivot their business strategies to thrive on digital selling.  

Our Dining Out radio guests this week are a power couple, Chef Roberto Cruz and Melissa Cruz of Follow Your Bliss Catering Company. Like many caterers in COVID-19 uncertain times, they are trying to stay resilient and find ways to grow their business. Realizing that many people now tend to cook meals at home, this catering duo decided to pivot their business model from doing corporate catering to bringing their flavors to people’s homes. They have been working hard on developing their own signature products and selling them online using Takeout Button® ’s online food ordering technology so people can taste the food just like the chef Roberto himself was there cooking for them.


Bringing the flavors homes has hit a home run!


Chef Roberto revisited the radio studio to share his new expansion with more product lines including new spice blends, variety of spiced nuts and gourmet sea salts.  

His better judgement (as he put it) Melissa has involved in developing the product concept and coming up with many irresistible names for their infused sea salts such as Merlot Sea, Smoke on the Water, and Sex on the Beach to name a few.

You can buy their gourmet products online on Eat Now Button’s Online Shop or Follow Your Bliss ordering website.

For more delicious recipes, please visit recipe pages on Eat Now Button.

Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/FollowYourBlissJul8.mp3.


Follow Your Bliss Radio Interview Part 2  The power couple of Follow Your Bliss Catering Co.  Follow Your Bliss Catering radio interview with dining out radio show


Fast casuals and Cafes Refocusing on Takeouts and Delivery

Cafes Refocusing on Take out and Delivery

Many fast casuals and cafes are refocusing on growing their bottom line with takeouts and delivery after the reopening phases with high COVID cases.

Our Dining Out radio guest this week is Chef Cary Gershowitz of Gershys Cafe and Pastry. Cary shared his bakery experiences from working many years at well-known bakery stores, including Publix, Frida’s Café in Largo, Alessi Bakery in Tampa, and Mazzaro in St. Pete. He finally opened his own café in an office park near the Clearwater Airport. Cary said he has a passion for quality food and it’s in his blood. He gets up early every morning to make his own bread, pizza dough and whip cream from scratch. He always offers different daily lunch specials to keep customers coming.

Like many fast casuals and cafes, with so many COVID cases during the reopening phases, Cary needs to refocus his cafe business on takeouts and delivery. With his insightful thinking, he has partnered with Takeout Button® to help with online ordering service. 

To see his full menu and order ahead, please visit https://order.gershyscafeandpastry.com/

Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/GershysCafeJun24.mp3






Food ordering website and Marketing for Restaurants

Food ordering website and Marketing for Restaurants

Food ordering website and marketing go hand in hand. For many mom and pop restaurants, a key to success in offering their own branded online food ordering lies in a good communication and collaboration between their 3rd party vendors, an online ordering tech vendor and a marketing vendor. Ideally, local restaurants should work with a vendor that offers both online ordering technology and marketing services like Takeout Button®  to ensure a smooth flow of technical functionalities and exposure.

This week on the Dining Out Radio Show, Takeout Button®  shared a story of a restaurant partner, Blue Sake - Thai Sushi Restaurant in Dunedin - that fully utilizes Takeout Button® ’s online food ordering technology and marketing services to help them stand out from the crowd.

For the technical part, Takeout Button® just launched Blue Sake’s new food ordering website for takeout, delivery and catering (off-premise dining options) with more mouthwatering food pictures, customer testimonials, and a story that has never been told by the owner, Angie. Visit Blue Sake website, http://bluesakedunedin.com/, to view their new food ordering website and see their full menu.

For the marketing part, Takeout Button®  creates custom social marketing strategies and drives awareness of their online ordering to their social media followers using multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business.

Blue Sake always has several exciting special deals. For the month of July, customers can get a FREE ginger salad with online order of $30 or more. For order of $40 or more, you can get a FREE quality Thai fabric mask. Or better yet, order $80 or more and get a FREE premium plastic face shield.

Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/BlueSakeJul1.mp3 

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Understaffed Restaurants Added Online Ordering to their team

Restaurants Added Online Ordering to their team

Many restaurants added online ordering to their team to help them automatically taking orders and save time on phone ordering without hiring more staff.

This week on the Dining Out Radio Show, Takeout Button®  shared a story of a restaurant partner, Mio’s grill and cafes, that added online ordering to their team to help taking orders and was able to operate even in an understaffed situation during the Coronavirus lock down. The restaurant is now thriving on takeout orders during reopening phases.

When in downtown St Pete, don’t forget to visit Mio’s Grill and Café, a quaint little restaurant serving freshly made authentic Turkish and Greek cuisine.

Chef Bora of Mio’s Grill and Café has many years of hospitality experiences working in high end hotels like Sheraton and Hilton before opening his own restaurant. If you catch him in his restaurant, don’t forget to order a Turkish coffee and ask him to tell you your fortune from your coffee saucer.

To see his full menu and order ahead, please visit https://order.miosgrill.com/. Chef Bora also offers a great discount on gift cards. To order a gift card for someone special, please visit https://order.miosgrill.com/Merchandise/.


Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/MiosJun17.mp3.

Mios uses Online Ordering to take orders 

Mios food samples  Mios food samples for Takeout Button radio show