Online Food Ordering Technology Used to Pivot Catering Business

Online Food Ordering Technology undoubtedly can help caterers pivot their business strategies to thrive on digital selling.  

Our Dining Out radio guests this week are a power couple, Chef Roberto Cruz and Melissa Cruz of Follow Your Bliss Catering Company. Like many caterers in COVID-19 uncertain times, they are trying to stay resilient and find ways to grow their business. Realizing that many people now tend to cook meals at home, this catering duo decided to pivot their business model from doing corporate catering to bringing their flavors to people’s homes. They have been working hard on developing their own signature products and selling them online using Takeout Button® ’s online food ordering technology so people can taste the food just like the chef Roberto himself was there cooking for them.


Bringing the flavors homes has hit a home run!


Chef Roberto revisited the radio studio to share his new expansion with more product lines including new spice blends, variety of spiced nuts and gourmet sea salts.  

His better judgement (as he put it) Melissa has involved in developing the product concept and coming up with many irresistible names for their infused sea salts such as Merlot Sea, Smoke on the Water, and Sex on the Beach to name a few.

You can buy their gourmet products online on Eat Now Button’s Online Shop or Follow Your Bliss ordering website.

For more delicious recipes, please visit recipe pages on Eat Now Button.

Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/FollowYourBlissJul8.mp3.


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