Old School Mom & Pops Adopting Online Ordering

Old School Mom & Pop's Restaurants and Shops Adopting Online Ordering

The pandemic has created awareness of online ordering like never before. Many old school mom & pop's restaurants and shops are now willing to adopt technology like online ordering. 

This week on the Dining Out Radio Show, Takeout Button® announced a new addition to their partners: Chocolates By Michelle, located in New Port Richey of Florida. Intimidated at first but Michelle, an old school solopreneur and a long time chocolatier, finally realized she needs technology to grow her business. She turned to consult with Takeout Button® about online ordering solution for her chocolate shop. With a hand-holding consulting method of Takeout Button®, Michelle is finally convinced online ordering is a solution she needs to help her business thrive during and after the pandemic. 

Customers can expect a lot of amazing chocolate products from her shop since Michelle always uses high quality chocolate to create many chocolate product lines like chocolate covered popcorn, bacon, potato chips, and even twinkies. She also carries candy making supplies and custom products for special events. This summer, Takeout Button® will be launching her brand new website with online ordering capability and nationwide shipping.


Listen to the full interview episode at  https://takeoutbutton.com/MichelleChocolatesJun10.mp3.