Fine Dining Challenges and Tech Solutions

Fine Dining Challenges and Tech Solutions 

This week's guest in the "Dining Out Radio Show" studio was hospitality consultant Andy Brouillard of Brouillard Hospitality. With five decades of experience in the hospitality industry, including at Disney's, Sandals Resort and TPepin's Hospitality Center, Brouillard shares his views on the challenges fine dining restaurants are facing now. He gives his advice on how fine dining restaurants can incorporate takeout and delivery, and offers tips on the best way to package food to ensure a quality experience for customers dining off-premise. He also discusses how online ordering technology like what Takeout Button® offers is a key component of how restaurants can carry through and still grow revenue in this COVID-19 trying time.

Listen to the full interview episode at https://takeoutbutton.com/AndyInterviewMay20.mp3

 Fine dining challenges and tech solutions

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