what are   

your frequently asked questions 

about online ordering?

Frequently asked questions about online food ordering

1. why a custom branded online ordering system?

Custom branded online ordering systems are specially made for your business, with your own branding and tailored to suit your existing work environment. The system is designed to give clients  full control of management tools and customer data.

2. how are online orders received?

Your online orders are received through the thermal printer we provide. It is easy to install at your location and only prints the order once it is verified through our system.

3. can you send orders to multiple kitchens?

Yes! Takeout Button can customize our system to suit your work environment. Please contact us to learn more.

4. CAN YOU integrate takeout button's online ordering system with my pos?

Takeout Button can integrate with some POS brands. Please contact us to learn more about our approved POS partners.

5. do i need internet service at my restaurant?

Internet service is not necessary. Takeout Button's thermal printer requires one spare Ethernet port to receive online orders.

6. how do i get paid?

Takeout Button works with leading payment processors, ensuring a smooth direct deposit into your merchant account within the accepted industry standard of 24-48 hours.

7. do i need to have a website?

Your website is a gateway for your online customers to find you and place orders online. So if you do not already have a website, Takeout Button can help you build one. Please see our Add-On Services to learn more.

8. do you have marketing support?

Absolutely! We offer an on-going online marketing support to help you get the word out about your online ordering service. Please see our Add-On Services to learn more.

9. DO YOU offer delivery service?

It depends on where your restaurant is located. Please see our Add-On Services to learn more.