Takeout Button is an independently owned and operated hospitality technology company founded by a foodie and a techie in 2013. So not only do we understand what customers are looking for, we also know how to implement it!


To deliver and elevate your customers' convenience and service experience through a robust and easy-to-use online ordering system, and also provide a competitive edge to local and independent food entrepreneurs and operators


It all began one Sunday afternoon while we were out driving. We were hungry and had a craving for some food at our favorite local restaurant. We managed to find an online menu for the restaurant on our smart phone, but when we tried to call them to order ahead of time, no one answered. After several failed attempts we had to give up. We wanted to know why, in these current times, so many restaurants still do not offer online ordering to their customers. Just think, there would be no more busy phone signals, waiting on hold, or trying to get a list of menu items over the phone. That is when Takeout Button was born.

meet the takeout button founders

Takeout Button Co-Founders

hi there! i'm kevin and i'm a techie.

With  more than 20 years of experience in software programming and web applications, Kevin has in-depth knowledge in online ordering, security and eCommerce developments. He knows what it takes to build a reliable web-based service with user-friendly interface that is scalable.

Hello! i'm cindy and i'm a foodie.

As a former Computer Science researcher with experience in starting and running a technology-based company, Cindy combined her entrepreneurial spirit and technical knowledge to co-found Takeout Button in 2013. She is people-oriented and understands how technology can fulfill client needs.